Slimming Holiday Dates 2024

The new year is a perfect moment to set new goals and take care of your health, well-being, and figure. Our Dr. Dąbrowska’s fruit and vegetable diet center was created for those who want to work on both their body and spirit, spending time in pleasant company. Each stay is a great opportunity to take a closer look at your health and body condition. The 2024 dietary holiday schedule includes not only a healthy diet according to Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska’s recommendations but also physical activity, educational workshops, and integration.

The detox holidays we organize conducive to weight loss are a moment when you can focus solely on yourself and your needs. Free time is a perfect opportunity to get to know other participants, spend time outdoors, or explore the extensive range of massages and the extraordinary power of the sauna. Additionally, our guests can take advantage of additional services, which you can learn more about here.

When can you go on detox holidays?

In 2024, we organize as many as 41 stays, lasting 7 or 14 days. All of them start and end on Fridays. Those who care about strengthening their bodies can sign up for one of the winter trips. The dates of the 2024 dietary stays in the first three months of the year are as follows.

  • JANUARY: 12-19.01, 19-26.01, 26.01-02.02.
  • FEBRUARY: 02-09.02, 09-16.02, 16-23.02, 23.02-01.03
  • MARCH: 01-08.03, 08-15.03, 15-22.03

Winter is a good time to dedicate more time to your health and prepare for the upcoming spring-summer season. Changing habits at the beginning of the year will affect our well-being in the following months and allow us to achieve our figure goals.

For those who prefer spring trips and want to start the renewal process with the arrival of the new season, we present stays and dates for the spring 2024 dietary stays.

  • APRIL: 05-12.04, 12-19.04, 19-26.04, 26.04-03.05.
  • MAY: 03.05-10.05, 10-17.05, 17-24.05, 24-31.05, 31.05-07.06.
  • JUNE: 07-14.06, 14-21.06, 21-28.06, 28.06-05.07.

Spring is a perfect time for changes, while simultaneously observing the transformations of the surrounding nature. The summer 2024 dietary camp dates are an excellent choice for those who want to spend their holidays in a different way than usual, doing something good for themselves. We guarantee that in Ułańska Zagroda you will spend an incredibly relaxing holiday, after which you will return charged with positive energy and ready for changes.

  • JULY: 05-12.07, 12-19.07, 19-26.07, 26.07-02.08.
  • AUGUST: 02.08-09.08, 09-16.08, 16-23.08, 23-30.08, 30.08-06.09.
  • SEPTEMBER: 06-13.09, 13-20.09, 20-27.09, 27.09-04.10.

Calendar of departures for detox holidays is closed by autumn-winter stays recommended for those wanting to conduct a thorough detox after the summer period. It’s a good time for calming down and restoring internal processes.

  • OCTOBER: 04-11.10, 11-18.10, 18-25.10.
  • NOVEMBER: 08-15.11, 15-22.11.

The price list for slimming holidays is available here.


*The high season lasts from 26.04.2024 to 13.09.2024.
** Changing the reservation date from the low season to a date in the high season involves an additional charge according to the price list.

Why choose Ułańska Zagroda?

Knowing now when you can go on detox holidays, it’s worth considering whether our goal is only weight reduction or maybe changing the current lifestyle and unhealthy habits that have been dragging us down and responsible for poor well-being. Stays at Ułańska Zagroda are a unique time that participants spend in beautiful scenery, experiencing peace and quiet, and getting to know their needs and themselves. The rural atmosphere and natural surroundings allow you to forget about daily struggles and focus solely on the purpose of your visit.

Our facility is located on over 10 hectares of land. Guests have access to a private beach, garden, and terrace. The area encourages walking and cycling trips. There are also many interesting points worth visiting in the close vicinity. Detailed information about attractions can be found here. Ułańska Zagroda is a place with tradition and history, distinguished by its incredible atmosphere. All this makes the stay at our facility an unforgettable experience.

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