Questions and answers

It is advisable to plan your stay at the centre a few days in advance and try to organise your professional or family obligations in such a way that you can focus almost entirely on your health when you arrive. Mobile phone conversations, computer work – these can wait, and you will be occupied by other matters when you arrive. It is also important to have a positive attitude, according to the maxim: there is nothing difficult for those who want, and those who do not want, will always find an excuse and at least minimal knowledge of Dr Ewa Dąbrowska’s methods. It is also important and recommended that a few days before the beginning of the holiday, you should limit your

  • eating meat,
    drinking coffee,
    fast food,
    salty snacks,
    limiting the consumption of dairy products.

In addition to the identity documents needed to register at the centre. It is also a good idea to have medical documentation, which may be useful for medical consultations and filling in the residence card Information about food intolerances – this is also an important tip for cooks, who will prepare meals free of harmful products.

Two pairs of sports shoes should be packed for the trip – one rainproof and the other for exercising in the sports hall, warm clothes (fleece, sweatshirt), sports mackintoshes. sports clothes (tracksuit bottoms, leggings), hairdryer.

Nordic-walking enthusiasts are welcome to bring poles, but height-adapted equipment can also be hired on site.

  • full board according to the recommendations of Dr Ewa Dąbrowska vegetable and fruit diet (breakfast, lunch, dinner);
  • medical consultation;
  • access to the Finnish sauna and the Russian banya (outdoor jacuzzi);
  • group activities with a trainer, including morning gymnastics in the open air and hall;
    nursing care;
  • accommodation;
  • free towel/bedding change once a week;
  • morning warm-up with a trainer;
  • age- and ability-appropriate exercises in the gym;
  • marches with Nordic walking sticks;
  • lectures by a dietician;
    screening of a lecture by Dr Boris Boligar on intestinal cleansing;
  • a lecture on the role of probiotics in the human body, home and garden, combined with a fair;
  • body composition analysis – Tanita analyser;
  • tea service, water with lemon and ginger;
  • monitored and free parking;
  • WiFi internet (in limited areas and with limited speed)

Massages (e.g. classic, relaxing, lymphatic drainage, therapeutic)

Price list available at reception 

Food Detective food intolerance test – tests the body’s reactions to 59 foods

500 zł

Bicycle hire

25 zł/ day, 

75 zł/ week

Hire of Nordic Walking poles

15 zł/ week

Bioresonance – to help find the microorganisms in the body that are the cause of the reported ailments

170 zł

Hydrocolonotherapy – designed to cleanse the large intestine of substances that poison the body

150 zł

3 treatments recommended

Pick-up from the train station by prior arrangement with the reservations department or reception

Piła/Krzyż 80 zł, Dobiegniew/ Wałcz/Trzcianka 60 zł, Człopa 10zł, Tuczno 20 zł

If you start your stay according to the schedule, you check in on Friday at 16:30, your stay begins with dinner at 17:30, followed by a welcome ceremony at 18:15.

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