Ułańska Zagroda

The Ułańska Zagroda is a complex of buildings that have historical value. The complex includes the following buildings: the Tractor House, the Horse House, the Granary and the Regimental Commander’s Post Office.

Tractor house

The building was erected in 2007, referring to the architecture of pre-partition Poland (in the 18th century Człopa was called Słopanowo and belonged to the Republic). Between 2007 and 2014 it served as a garage for agricultural machinery with a separate workshop and spare parts store. In 2014 it was converted into a hotel building.
It houses Comfort Class rooms of a higher standard referring to the various subdivisions of the 7th Horse Rifle Regiment, stationed in Poznań, Zbąszyń and Biedrusk between 1921 and 1939.

These are Line Squadrons 1-4, CKM Squadron, Riders Squadron, Communications Platoon, Panzer Cannon Platoon, Marching Squadron, Officers' Casino and Recreation Hall.


The only surviving post-German building was erected at the beginning of the last century by German landlords (Familie Milke), being one of the three buildings comprising a complex of farm buildings (house, barn, cowshed).

It served as a cowshed until the late 1960s. It was converted into a residential house in the 1970s and was revitalised in 2008 and turned into a hotel in 2016.

The cottage consists of four rooms (1-four-bed, 1-three-bed, 2-two-bed), a living room, a kitchen and a terrace. It is dedicated to the commanders of the 7th Horse Rifle Regiment and the 7th Battalion of the Greater Poland Horse Rifles.


As the name suggests, the building once served as a horse stable.
In 2018, the building underwent redevelopment and was converted into a hotel building. Initially, the ground floor housed specialist offices and a reception area. Upstairs there were rooms for guests.

However, the Horse House has finally been a building with Comfort and Standard rooms since 2020. The surgeries have been relocated to the Granary building.

the Granary

A crop store erected in 2010 and serving in this role until 2019. It has now been converted into a facility providing facilities for the Tractor House, the Horse House and the Regimental Commander's Post.

It contains a dining room, kitchen, lounge with fireplace, reception area, toilets, gymnasium, doctors' offices, massage rooms and spa (Finnish sauna, Russian banya).

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