COVID Security Regulations 19

Dear Guests,

Taking care of your safety and health during your stay at the Ułańska Zagroda resort, we have introduced procedures concerning the maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness in our facility. The procedures are continuously updated and systematically inspected based on the recommendations of the World Health Organisation WHO and the Chief Sanitary Inspector GIS. Your safety is our priority and we will do our best to make you feel safe with us so that you can fully enjoy your stay at Ułańska Zagroda. We welcome guests to our centre with the same warmth and hospitality as always.

The management of the Ułańska Zagroda



  1. Location far from urban agglomerations and large concentrations of people and public places.
  2. The resort is located in a tiny village amidst the rich nature of the Drawa Landscape Park buffer zone (forests, meadows with a lake nearby).
  3. Only 30 rooms. The arrangement of the rooms in 3 independent buildings allows for safe distances.


  1. The entire area belonging to the site is fenced and there is an exit gate at the entrance.
  2. The premises are monitored. Only guests, employees and suppliers registered at the hotel are allowed on the premises.
  3. Each person staying on the hotel premises undergoes a security check (temperature measurement).
  4. All areas of the resort are systematically disinfected.


  1. Prior to arrival, the Guest will receive by e-mail a package of information regarding the security policy of our property.
  2. Upon the Guest’s arrival at the hotel, a member of the reception staff will take a temperature measurement (with a non-contact thermometer).
  3. If an elevated temperature and symptoms of illness are detected, we reserve the right to refuse check-in.
  4. Hand disinfection liquids are placed in the hotel’s public bathrooms and common areas, reception and restaurant. We ask Guests to wash their hands frequently with soap according to the instructions available in the hotel bathrooms.


  1. Provision of hand sanitizing liquids in public areas – reception, toilets, in front of the restaurant entrance, fitness room, wellness area.\
  2. Provision of instructions in public toilets on hand washing, disinfection, correct removal and donning of masks and disposable gloves.
  3. Use of facemasks, gloves by resort staff.
  4. Disinfection of sports equipment (bicycles, Nordic walking poles, etc.) each time after use by a guest.
  5. It is strictly forbidden for non-registered persons to stay in the resort.


  1. We recommend that Guests disinfect their hands upon arrival at the hotel.
  2. A staff member of the resort takes the temperature (with a non-contact thermometer) upon the Guest’s arrival at the hotel.
  3. A maximum of 2 Guests (possibly a family) may be at the reception desk at a safe distance.
  4. Those waiting for service at the reception can wait in specially designated areas at a safe distance of 2 metres.
  5. Reception staff work in visors/masks and disposable gloves or disinfect their hands each time. The reception area is additionally protected by a Plexiglas shield.
  6. Shortened check-in.
  7. At check-in, guests are informed of the hotel’s security procedures in force and are asked to sign a statement acknowledging their acceptance and adherence to the guidelines.
  8. We recommend electronic payment. Payment terminals secured in foil are disinfected each time after use. It is possible to pay in advance by bank transfer for the entire booking before departure, by prior arrangement with the reception staff.
II. Rooms
  1. Each room is generally cleaned after the guest’s departure and all surfaces such as countertops, doorknobs, telephone, TV remote control, toilets are disinfected with special products.
  2. Increase the frequency of disinfecting appliances, furniture, handles, fixtures, handrails, TV remote controls and other devices that are in the room and airing the room. Please leave the windows of your rooms ajar.
  3. Change of room cleaning policy during your stay. Rooms are cleaned only upon the express request of the Guest during his/her absence in the room. The staff has prepared three bags in the rooms (for soiled towels, for soiled bed linen and for waste). For hygiene reasons, we limit the presence of cleaning staff in the rooms.
  4. If a guest of the resort wishes to change towels, take out the rubbish or replenish other necessary items, please call the reception.
  1. Recommend that guests disinfect their hands before entering the dining room.
  2. Maintaining appropriate safe distances of 2m between tables / chairs in the resort’s dining room.
  3. Disinfecting tables, chairs, china, trays, etc., washing cutlery, after each Guest.
  4. Use of facemasks/face masks and gloves by dining room staff.
  5. Regular disinfection of hands and work stations by staff in the kitchen and dining area.
  6. Meals will be served directly to the table.
  1. The number of people in the spa area has been limited. We recommend keeping a social distance.
  2. Registration at the reception desk. Enrolment for treatments is by e-mail or telephone.
  3. Hand disinfection is required before entering the SPA area and before each treatment.
  4. Guests are requested to enter the SPA area when the changing room is empty.
  5. An additional epidemiological history and body temperature measurement will be carried out prior to any treatment.
  6. A sub-febrile state and sickness symptoms (runny nose, cough) make it impossible to perform the treatment.
  7. The use of mobile phones is prohibited in the spa area.
  8. Cabinets, toilets and showers are cleaned and disinfected after each treatment.
  9. Spa area employees work in visors/masks and disposable gloves or disinfect their hands after each treatment.
  10. Each treatment room and the spa reception area are systematically aired. Spa staff reserve the right to take a 30 minute break between treatments to disinfect beds etc.
  11. The SPA area consists of 3 independent treatment rooms, so you can be sure that we always carry out treatments in a properly prepared: disinfected and aired room.
  1. The sauna is disinfected during the night.
  2. Guests are obliged to wash their bodies with soap before using the sauna.
  3. We limit the number of Guests staying in the sauna area at the same time. and Russian banya. Information at reception.
  4. Due to security procedures, the Russian banya is closed until further notice.


  1. All employees strictly adhere to the rules of working with masks, gloves, protective clothing, and frequently disinfect equipment, hands.
  2. Precise procedures for maintaining sanitary safety have been implemented in each department.
  3. We carry out regular training of staff in maintaining specific sanitary safety measures. We conduct an information campaign for staff on how to maintain special precautions according to GIS and WHO recommendations.
  4. We measure the temperature of each staff member upon arrival at work. In case of a sub-febrile state and sickness symptoms, the employee is sent home immediately.
  5. Provision of hand disinfectant for employees – easily accessible and visible dispenser at the back of the hotel, changing rooms.
  6. Introducing additional disinfection of staff communal areas – cloakrooms, kitchen, social areas and storerooms.
  7. Organisation of workstations with a 1.5 metre distance, in spaces, Room for up to 2 people where possible.
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