Enjoy a range of activities during your stay. Cycling and hiking trips or walks are among the many opportunities for active pursuits.


Does the thought of exercise send an unpleasant shiver through you? Being active on a weight-loss holiday can be extremely enjoyable! You don’t have to work up a sweat in the gym to burn calories. A simple way to burn fat, strengthen your muscles and relax is by cycling. The Ułańska Zagroda is located in a picturesque green setting conducive to valuable relaxation. During your ride, you will be able to commune with nature and enjoy the beauty of nature, which will significantly enhance your leisure time spent on physical activity. The abundance of paths and beautiful views will allow you to have an amazingly active time. Rent bikes at the Ułańska Zagroda!


Take a walk with poles in the Drawa National Park. Have an active rest amidst forests and lakes! Such activity on a weight loss holiday will bring your body a number of benefits. Experts point out that walking with poles engages as many as 90% of the body’s muscles, including those in the upper parts (arms, shoulders, chest). Nordic walking is an effective method for losing unwanted kilograms, increasing the mobility of joints and spine, combating pain in joints, increasing the efficiency of the organism. Properly performed walking with sticks may be an excellent form of rehabilitation after certain injuries.


A fitness room is available for our guests to exercise and spend time being active. The exercise space is equipped with accessories and equipment so that you can make your workout more interesting and engage all your muscles. Classes with experienced trainers are included in the programme of each holiday. Pilates, fitness or zumba in a group will give you a real boost of energy and motivation!


Being active on a weight-loss holiday is the key to quick results. To make movement a source of pleasure for body and spirit, take advantage of the opportunities offered by the unique surroundings. The Ułańska Zagroda is located right next to the Drawa National Park, where there are numerous rivers and lakes, including the unique Ostrowite Lake. If the weather permits, you can enjoy water activities. Canoes are available to guests. We have no doubt that fans of water sports will be delighted with the many opportunities that will open up to them once they reach the Ułańska Zagroda!

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Take advantage of transport to and from the Ułańska Zagroda. Contact us for details before you arrive.


Bonfires are organised during the stay. This is a great opportunity to integrate and have fun.


The Ułańska Zagroda has a private beach. During the summer months, it is a great place for sunbathing or relaxing by the lake.


A number of rooms are available for guests to meet and chat.

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At the Ułańskiej Zagrodzie you will find space to relax. Sauna, massages and daily gymnastics, all under the guidance of specialists.


During your stay at the camp, take advantage of services that improve your health and increase the effectiveness of Dr Dabrowski's diet.

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