Regeneration and relaxation

At the Ułańska Zagroda you will find space to relax. Sauna, massages and daily gymnastics, all under the guidance of specialists. Massages, a sauna and a Russian banya combined with the rural climate, tranquillity and in the surroundings of the Drawa National Park will give you an amazing space to relax and regenerate. Ułańska Zagroda is the ideal place for people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and who want to relax in peace and quiet.


Can you imagine a better way to end an active day than with a massage? Placing yourself in the hands of a professional team of massage therapists, your body and mind will sink into complete relaxation. Relaxation and spa at the weight-loss holidays organised at the Ułańska Zagroda is an important part of the programme. We make sure that your stay at the resort is a valuable, developing time to find your inner balance. Massages are performed by experienced specialists who select the technique to suit each guest’s needs. Massages will not only help you relax, but will also have a positive effect on your body – improving circulation, increasing the metabolic rate, improving muscle elasticity.


Valuable relaxation and spa on a weight loss holiday? Why not! There is room for physical activity and relaxation during a holiday at the Ułańska Zagroda. And not just any kind: a modern sauna awaits our guests. Experts point out that sauna bathing increases the number of red blood cells, improves the efficiency of oxygen metabolism, releases endorphins called happiness hormones, reduces muscle tension, relaxes, gives energy and speeds up regeneration processes and metabolism. The sauna is an amazing place where you can indulge in wellness for a while. Its health benefits will also give you a lot of relaxation.


An open-air Jacuzzi, or so-called Russian banya. The green, natural surroundings of the Ułańska Zagroda create ideal conditions for valuable relaxation. You can be sure that the starry sky will look even more beautiful when you admire it while sitting in the hot, bubbling water! Bathing in an atypical whirlpool is excellent for toughening up the body, supporting the immune system, improving the process of toxin removal, regulating blood pressure, cranking up the metabolism and having a positive effect on the state of the skin, which becomes smoother and firmer. Give yourself over to relaxation and tranquillity, surrounded by forests in the fresh air!

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Take advantage of transport to and from the Ułańska Zagroda. Contact us for details before you arrive.


Bonfires are organised during the stay. This is a great opportunity to integrate and have fun.


The Ułańska Zagroda has a private beach. During the summer months, it is a great place for sunbathing or relaxing by the lake.


A number of rooms are available for guests to meet and chat.

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During your stay at the camp, benefit from services that improve your health and increase the effectiveness of Dr Dabrowski's diet.


Enjoy a range of activities during your stay. Cycling and hiking trips or walks are among the many options for staying active.

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