Hydrocolonotherapy – a treatment for healthier bowels

At the Ułańska Zagroda, we care for the body and mind holistically. Those taking part in slimming holidays can benefit from a range of tests, attend classes and lectures to increase their knowledge of healthy lifestyles, learn about the state of their bodies and relax. One way to improve body function is to hydrocolonotherapy.

Modern hydrocolonotherapy: what is it?

According to many researchers, the source of a huge number of health problems is undigested deposits lingering in the intestines, parasites and bacteria found in the digestive system. One of the most popular and safe ways to get rid of any toxins poisoning the body is to cleanse the intestines thoroughly. The treatment to restore the internal balance is the hydrocolonotherapy. What is it? Hydrocolonotherapy treatment involves flushing the large intestine with water at a specific temperature. Water enters the bowel under the influence of gravity. The short and painless procedure allows the worthless, hardened food residues and faecal masses that have accumulated over the years in the lumen of the colon to be got rid of.

Hydrocolonotherapy – effects of treatment

What benefits does it bring to patients hydrocolonotherapy? Effects of the treatment are astonishing! Along with the water, everything that clung to the walls of the intestines, preventing the correct absorption of nutrients from food and disrupting the bacterial flora, is flushed out of the body: faecal mass deposits, heavy metals, preservatives, putrefactive and fermenting bacteria, moulds, yeasts, viruses and even gallstones. People who have undergone the treatment notice an improvement in intestinal peristalsis, getting rid of bloating and constipation. There is a marked improvement in nutrient absorption, skin condition and general well-being. The treatment also counteracts the accumulation of excess fat in the body. Among the indications for hydrocolonotherapywe distinguish:

  • obesity;

  • frequent diarrhoea;

  • constipation;

  • colonic diverticulosis;

  • anal varices;

  • parasitic diseases;

  • mycoses;

  • rheumatism;

  • chronic inflammation of the prostate gland;

  • dermatological diseases (for example, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis);

  • respiratory diseases (including asthma);

  • allergies;

  • diseases of the lymphatic system;

  • immune disorders;

  • Neuroses, depression, sleep disorders and anxiety disorders.

Lectures, sports activities, massages, and hydrocolonotherapy: welcome to Ułańska Zagroda!

Where is hydrocolonotherapy performed? Załom in the Człopa municipality – this is the place where the slimming stays are organized, whose program is based on the principles of fasting developed by Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska.

In the Ułańska Zagrodahydrocolonotherapy treatments are performed in an outpatient setting with every precaution and sterility. A specialist watches over the edge of the treatment. Our experts ensure that every person undergoing treatment feels completely comfortable.

Hydrocolonotherapy – price of the procedure

What it costs hydrocolonotherapy? The price of the modern treatment is extremely attractive at just £150. Guests of Ułańska Zagroda and participants of meetings organized in Załom can take advantage of a package of modern examinations and various types of treatments – hydrocolonotherapy, liver cleansing, and the Food Detective test.

Hydrocolonotherapy – weight-loss holidays where you take care of your body comprehensively

At the Ułańska Zagroda you will take care of your body in a multifaceted way. During a one- or two-week stay, you can not only lose weight, but also improve your knowledge of healthy eating, relax actively, make valuable friends and commune with nature. The time spent at the Ułańska Zagroda for each participant in the camp is an inspiring adventure and a dose of motivation to make changes that will make your life more comfortable.

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