Spa massages

Spa massages

Spa massages – pleasure for body and spirit

We are well aware that one’s body should be cared for on many levels. In order to feel good in your skin and look great, it is advisable to act comprehensively: follow your diet, take care of your hydration, do sports and sleep about eight hours a night. Furthermore, to strengthen your body, firm your skin and put yourself in a state of blissful relaxation, it is worth enriching your daily routine with a new ritual – the massages and treatments. We offer all visitors to the Ułańska Zagroda and those taking part in the day camps organised in Poznan SPA massages, which will give you a boost of vitality and get rid of bothersome ailments.

Therapeutic massages – why is it worth it?

Relaxation and therapeutic massage is a technique that has been known for centuries to relieve pain, stimulate almost all organs and is a proven method for keeping the body in good shape. Therapeutic massage involving, among other things, stroking, kneading, pressing, rolling and other movements taken from manual therapy accelerates the flow of blood and nutrients to sore areas, bringing relief to the patient. Spa and therapeutic massages are recommended for anyone struggling with muscular and joint pains, reduced muscle tension, swelling and anyone looking for a way of valuable relaxation. Carefully crafted by a specialist The therapeutic massage is the answer to the needs of an aching body in need of regeneration and a way of soothing the nerves.

Intensive restorative massage – benefits for the body

SPA massages performed by specialists affect almost the entire organism: muscles and joints, nervous system, connective tissues, skin and the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and genitourinary systems. Why visit massage parlours? Here are the key benefits of massages:

  • reducing muscle and joint pain;

  • marked improvement in the appearance of the skin: firming, increasing muscle elasticity, improving blood and lymph micro-circulation, reducing scars;

  • stimulation of the immune system;

  • reduction in blood pressure;

  • increase the range of movement and flexibility of joints;

  • increased energy levels and an influx of vitality;

  • relaxation and rest;

  • increased blood supply;

  • improving kidney function.

Not sure how to get rid of cellulite? Regular spa massages combined with body scrubs and exercise can work wonders! Relaxation and therapeutic massage is particularly recommended for athletes and active people dealing with strain, people with sedentary lifestyles and those struggling with a variety of ailments.

Professional massages and treatments tailored to your needs

For a therapeutic or regenerative massage to have the desired effect, it should be carefully selected to suit the individual. Every person who visits the Ułańska Zagroda and takes part in the a day camp in the heart of Poznań is looked after by experienced specialists. Our doctors, physiotherapists and massage therapists care about the comfort of each participant in the weight-loss holidays and make every effort to ensure that the therapy implemented brings the greatest, measurable benefits. Massages and treatments take place in a carefully prepared space with every precaution.

Massage on holiday – combine relaxation with regeneration!

Massage on holiday is just one of the many services available to people on a weight-loss programme.. For people struggling to feel better and improve their quality of life, we have created a rich programme. Guests at the Ułańska Zagroda and participants in day courses in the heart of Poznań can take part in sports activities led by experienced instructors and lectures on a broadly defined healthy lifestyle, relax in the sauna and enjoy healthy cuisine based on Dr Ewa Dąbrowska’s fasting principles. Importantly, in order to gain an in-depth insight into the state of their body, each person can have high quality examinations and treatments treatments: Food Detective test, hydrocolon therapy and liver cleansing. Time spent at the Ułańska Zagroda is also a chance to commune with nature and find inner balance.

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